• Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

FIFA 21 – What If Program Has Started


Mar 5, 2021
FIFA 21 – What If Program Has Started

FIFA 21 introduces a new Ultimate Team program called What If. Football fans always wonder what if their favorite team scores a certain number of goals or other similar scenarios. The What If program is based on prediction and scenarios. Several What If scenarios will determine the upgrades for player items cards. What If features items with boosted OVR depending on the scenario. The player item cards that are part of this program are dynamic items. This means that these upgraded dynamic cards can be eligible for a +2 OVR boost if the team they are part of completes a What If scenario. These scenarios will be based on what happens on the real football field. There are different criteria for items to receive the upgrades. It all depends on the position of the player’s item card. Items with the attacker and midfielder position get the upgrade when the club the player is part of scores a minimum of six goals in the following five games from the domestic league. For defenders and goalkeepers, the condition is that the team the player is in to have at least one clean sheet for the next five games that are played in the domestic league.

The starting date for the scenarios coincides with the release of the What If items. There is a schedule on the official FIFA 21 website so you can see when What If items become available in the game. Should an item release and a game happen on the same day, the result is included in the scenario if the kick off occurs after the release of the item. Only domestic league games will be considered for these scenarios. Should the condition happen, you can see the upgraded What If item in the game starting with the next Wednesday. It can also take a few days after Wednesday for the upgrade to be implemented. Some programs boost items if the player gets individual performance items such as Team of the Week, Player of the Month, and more. The What If program only takes into consideration the outcome of the scenario. This means that individual boosts have no effect on the What If item. If the player transfers to another team, he will stop receiving upgrades. What If players will be released in batches. The first batch includes the Team 1 selection which contains premium items. You will find them in game packs bought from the store. Other What If items will be obtained as rewards from SBCs and Objectives.

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