3 Famous Telugu Hit Movies

3 Famous Telugu Hit Movies

For this week’s immense set of excellent films, it could often be overwhelming to choose the best out of hundreds. If you’re going to see a film both with your loved ones or buddies or parents, you could have a look at the top-rated Telugu movies this year to get some specific recommendations about what to see. There are several movies that came within the last year, and a few of those movies are available on platforms such as aha, in which you could watch all your favorite Telugu films. From romance, comedy, thriller to horror, you can find a range of great flicks. Telugu films have certainly received a great degree of popularity. Here are some best suggestions on the most liked films in Tollywood.

  • Mail

The narrative is pretty adorable and is built up beautifully within the small village of Telangana. The earthy personalities, the joy of youth, as well as how small-town villagers view problems are well-presented.

Harith Reddy is playing the lead in the movie and did a good job. He’s acting very natural within the character of a distressed teenager. The manner in which a young actor shows curiosity, anxiety, and engagement in computer technology is a positive thing to see. The movie has several nostalgic scenes that show you about older style living in small villages. The loved link is a strong one, though. The authenticity of characters is the greatest aspect of the story. The most liked is the Panchayat Discussion, which is pretty enjoyable to watch.

  • Dirty Hari

MS Raju is the director of Dirty Hari, and he has chosen a quite dauntless topic, and everybody in the film has done great work. If you are into movies like a thriller and romantic kind of combo, then Dirty Hari is packed with certain bold and entertaining scenes.

Yet the whole positive thing is when all such shots were filmed visually, it doesn’t seem vulgar in any way. The performers are another significant feature of this movie. The whole team gave a brilliant performance, led by popular actor Shravan Reddy.

  • Krack

Whenever it relates to performances, Ravi Teja is still in his prime and shows why he’s fondly referred to as the Mass Maharaja. His muscular appearance is a reflection of his determination, and he’s obviously always giving his young colleagues intense competition. With somewhat less duration on-screen, the potential of ShrutiHaasan is also well appreciated.

Thaman is just another benefit to this movie as he’s offered a wild BGM & great songs. And the main strength of this movie is the lead villain, Samuthirakani, who threatens Ravi Teja and offers him a great opponent. The positioning of the battles is ideal, so all the scenarios are well planned out to happen.

To conclude

These were some of the blockbuster hit films in the Tollywood industry this year. If you want to explore more and watch recent Telugu movies online, watch it on Aha – your preferred OTT platform for great quality content.