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If they have a magnetic north-south orientation that matches the north-south orientation of the magnetosphere, they will connect to Earth’s magnetic subject and sweep back, merging with the magnetotail, along with the solar wind particles they contain. This stream, aka the photo voltaic wind, is carrying the solar magnetic subject – recognized because the interplanetary magnetic field or IMF – creates pressure on our planet’s magnetosphere, sweeping it back. These particles are then swept back into the tail of the magnetosphere, aptly named the “magnetotail,” the place they are saved until the magnetotail undergoes reconnection events, releasing strain and forcing the saved solar particles to move alongside the magnetic area traces to Earth’s environment.

If the solar wind were regular, no loads would occur; the stream of particles would circulate uneventfully over Earth’s magnetosphere. The day aspect of our magnetosphere will be compressed, whereas the night time-side of the magnetosphere turns elongated, like a stretched water droplet. We can think about the sun’s magnetic discipline as a collection of traces randomly oriented, washing over Earth-like shallow waves that would wash over a pebble on a seashore. But what if the solar’s magnetic area is oriented east-west relative to Earth’s north-south field? The magnetic discipline lines they create will trace symmetrical loops connecting the north and south poles. In this case, pragmatic play the magnetotail will appear symmetric, and any auroras generated will even be symmetric.