Nov 102013

Cheese Pasta Recipe

This meal is loved by everyone on this planet and somebody who does not love this recipe is definitely not from this planet, this recipe is all about cheese and cheese is what makes it super creamy the other quality of this recipe is that it is super easy to make, you do not have to do a lot of things. Its just that you require a little of boiling, a little bit of draining and a little bit of mixing, it’s a time-saving dish if you are super hungry and have has a long day at work you can make this dish and your taste buds would say thank you to you, you can even make it when your friends visit you the next time. 



Cheese plays a very important role in this recipe, this recipe requires about four to five different types of cheese, the names are mentioned in the ingredient list and all the types of cheese are super easy to find you can find each one of them in your nearest grocery store. 

Enough of the talking let’s start with the ingredient list and then we can move towards the steps and the tips 


  • Fettuccine (one pound use the gluten-free one) 
  • Butter (one big spoon) 
  • Basil Pesto (one cup full) 
  • Pasta sauce (one jar full) 
  • Enchilada sauce (one-third of a cup) 
  • Tomatoes (Half cup oil drained and sun-dried) 
  • Crumbled feta cheese (preferably of sheep’s milk) 
  • Diced fontina cheese 
  • Softened cream cheese 
  • Heavy cream 
  • Salt (according to your taste) 
  • Pepper 
  • Mozzarella 
  • Basil leaves 
  • Halved tom-tom tomatoes  

Let’s begin with the instructions now 

First of all, you need to heat your oven (350 degrees), once done with heating start boiling water in a large-sized pot, do not forget to add some salt to it, once the water starts boiling add pasta to it and then wait until it gets ready, once done drain the water

Now add butter to the pot, after butter add pesto, sauce, enchilada sauce, tomatoes, cream fontina and heavy cheese and in the end add salt according to  your taste and pepper 

Now it’s time for tossing, for tossing the pasta use a spoon made up of wood, toss until a nice creamy and smooth sauce is formed, this can take about three to five minutes if your pot is oven safe then place it in the oven or else transfer your pasta to a baking dish, now on the top of the pasta shred some mozzarella cheese 

You are required to bake your pasta for about ten minutes and after it, you are required to turn your broiler on, once your broiler is on broil your dish for about sixty seconds, make sure that the cheese turns golden and, must have a bubbly texture 

Once done take it out of the oven and then garnish it with ribbons and then leave it for five minutes and then while serving, serve with tomatoes. That’s all with the recipe. 

May 142013

Goan Prawn Curry With Coconut 

Goan Prawn Curry with Coconut is a sour and spicy curry whose origin is Goa and also called as Ambot Tik. You can serve this with some steamed rice and can enjoy your satisfying meal!  




  • For prawns: jumbo prawns/shrimp (at least twenty, cleaned and deveined) 
  • Water (for soaking prawns) 
  • For masala: red chilies (eight to ten, dried) 
  • Garlic (at least six cloves) 
  • Peppercorns (one small spoon, whole) 
  • Coriander Seeds (one big spoon, whole) 
  • Cumin seeds (one small spoon) 
  • Tamarind (one small knob/one big spoon Tamarind Paste) 
  • Turmeric Powder (one small spoon) 
  • Coconut (one and a half cup, grated) 
  • Coconut Milk (one cup) 
  • For curry: Coconut Oil (one big spoon) 
  • Ginger (one big spoon, finely minced) 
  • Onions (one and a half cup, finely chopped) 
  • Tomatoes (one and a half cup, finely chopped) 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Curry leaves (at least eight to ten) 


  1. Take prawns and start defrosting them. Now transfer them to a bowl of cold water so that they are soaked properly (at least for fifteen minutes). Wash the prawns in running water (once or twice) and them to the curry.
  2. Now just grind all the ingredients mentioned under masala to make a smooth paste and keep it aside.
  3. Heat coconut oil in a pan and add ginger and onions to the oil. Now sauté the onions till they turn golden brown and add tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes for five minutes or more till they turn into a thick and smooth paste.
  4. Add the masala and Salt (As per your taste) to the pan and bring that to a boil. Now just reduce the flame under the pan and simmer the masala for at least fifteen minutes till it turns slightly dark. Drain the water from defrosted prawns and add them to the gravy. Cook it for eight to ten minutes. Now just top it with some curry leaves and mix well. Turn off the flame and let the prawns curry rest for five to six minutes.
  5. Serve the hot Goan Prawns Curry with steamed rice. 

Try this recipe and do tell us in comments how you like it. And if there are some suggestions do tell us by commenting. 


  • Chicken (About one and a half pound) 
  • Flour 
  • Eggs (Three, beaten) 
  • Flakes 
  • Butter 
  • Salt 


Take a saran wrap and place chicken between it, after placing it in between, lightly pound and then cut the chicken into a strip, make as many strips as you want.

Time for some dipping, and for dipping, flour, eggs, and flakes, once done with arranging the ingredients, dip the chicken in flour after flour take a bowl and that bowl break three eggs and then beat them properly after beating the eggs, dip the chicken strip in the beaten eggs and then in flakes. 

Time for cooking, place your pan on the stove and then turn the stove on, add butter and allow it to melt and then place the strips on the pan and cook, once done cooking turn off the stove (cook both the sides for about three minutes).



Apr 112013

Indian Vegetable Rice

Indian vegetable rice is a dish which you can eat without any other dish, if you are feeling tired and do not wish to cook or if you do not have much time you can make these rice as this dish is full of nutrients, you can eat it with curd or pickles or without anything just the rice, you can add the vegetables you like, there is no rule that you have to add mushrooms (or any other vegetable) even if you do not like them, this recipe is of a dish which can be customized easily, the reason it is one of my favorite dishes is that it is easy to make, less time taking and it does not even require much of your efforts, while it’s getting ready you can sit back and relax.



Ingredients – 

  • Vegetable or olive oil (Two big spoons)
  • Chopped medium sized onion
  • Cumin (half a tablespoon)
  • Rice (One cup full, preferably basmati rice)
  • Filtered water (About two cups full)
  • Salt (According to your preference)
  • Garammasala 
  • Chopped vegetables (You can go for any of your favorite vegetables for instance carrots, peas, mushrooms) 

Steps :

  1. Take a pan with a heavy bottom  (make sure that the pan is large-sized), and place it over your stove, now turn the stove on and after turning the stove on set the level of flames to medium,
  2. Add some oil and allow it to get hot, once the oil is heated add cumin and chopped onions, cook until they get tender, make sure that you do not burn the onions if they are about to be burned they will turn brown, the onion needs to turn a little pink in colour, once done turn the stove off.
  3. Time to wash the rice, wash them properly and then drain them well, once done with draining turn the stove on and add rice, mix the rice and onions well, after mixing add about two cups full of water, add salt according to your preference, chopped vegetable, and garammasala, now it’s time you cover your pan and once done covering it, increase the level of heat. 
  4. Now you need to wait until the mixture boil, once it starts boiling reduce the level of heat from high to low, make sure that the rice stays covered, now on low flames cook the rice for at least ten minutes, after ten minutes stir the mixture and make sure that the spices that you have added to the mixture are evenly distributed, after stirring cook for about twenty-five minutes ( if the water does not evaporate in twenty-five minutes then cook for another five minutes, make sure that the rice turn tender). 

This recipe is full of nutrition, per serving it provides almost ten grams of protein, Five hundred and fifteen grams of calories, fifteen point four grams of fat, Nine hundred and five mg of sodium, the most amazing part of the nutrient info is that it provides zero mg of cholesterol