Bucket List

I never thought to write out a Bucket list before now. I’m going to create a list of all the cool, crazy, out-there, and boring things I want to do before I die. This is a work in progress and I’m hoping to reach 100 items.

  1. Visit every continent on the planet.
  2. Learn to Scuba dive (Dec 2009 – I went to Fiji and learned whilst I was on holidays. It was amazing, cool experience, great visibility, and interesting stuff to see. Unfortunately, my large lungs burn through oxygen too quickly and an hour drive only lasts 45min for me).
  3. Learn a martial art. (in progress, currently in Taekwondo training – need to be more focused on it).
  4. Learn to play the guitar.
  5. Learn a second language (enough to be conversational). (in progress, currently learning Korean).
  6. Do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb (2008? I can’t remember the exact date but I have the photo. Was well worth the experience but think they rip you off with photography)
  7. Visit Paris (May 2010 – As part of my Europe trip I ended up in Paris to meet up with my dad before flying home. Mooching of my dad’s awesome Paris hotel room ftw!)
  8. Swim with a Great White Shark
  9. Swim with a dolphin (Jan 2008, amazing experience!)
  10. Pat a Tiger (Jan 2008, was very cool, though the repeated “if the Tiger moves at all, back away” wasn’t cheerful)
  11. Buy a house/property.
  12. Visit Egypt.
  13. Visit Korea. (in progress, plans have been made to visit this December – now to work on getting #5 done also!)
  14. Travel to Malaysia with C1 and go on a Food Tour
  15. Travel to Vietnam.
  16. Learn to Ski/Snowboard (August 2008, Travelled to Queenstown, NZ with some of my best work friends and had a blast.)
  17. See the aurora borealis in Norway.
  18. …….add more items to the list, jk.