Why? I have too many websites floating around the web, and one thing I really want is the ability to publish a blog with a lot of cool features (blogger) and also be able to quickly post all the cool stuff I come across without a lot of hassle.

Who am I? Good chances are you already know who I am. If you are someone that has no idea, I’m a random guy that spends way too much time on the computer but does tend to find some amazingly cool stuff. You will no doubt tend to find reoccurring themes within my posts; star wars in all its glory will be referenced, demotivational posters, webcomics, Facebook-related posts and a tonne of funny pictures. Basically, your gonna find my “best of the web”. Enjoy.

Please Comment!!!: I love to hear what you think about the stuff I post. I will personally reply to every comment made.  The only exception to that is rude/inappropriate comments.

Legal disclaimer: any references to people, objects, images, content both living, dead and online is purely coincidental. This disclaimer works for all major movies so it’ll work for this website. If I have posted something of yours, I will try my best to give you credit by creating a link to the source. If I can’t find the source link, I’ll gladly add it if you write a pleasant comment. If you are really angry about something I’ve posted, please comment on it and I’ll review it and/or remove it. I’m a reasonable person and all I’m doing is promoting awesome stuff on the net.

People that write harassing comments: you’re tools. Don’t waste my time with them. I will politely reply to all comments I receive. Everything is moderated and I don’t need jerks harassing me over something trivial like “how my star wars generated magic cards could never be actually playable”. Omg, I thought I had no life!

This blog has a zero tolerance to trolls: all comments are moderated, please don’t waste your time or mine with crap.

RSS & Google Reader: If you don’t have a google account and use Google reader, GET ONE! and then feel free to subscribe to this blog via RSS. I can recommend some awesome RSS feeds that I love, though you’ll be getting heaps of funny stuff re-posted on my blog.

Hey all your images at hot-linked!!!: yeah they are,  Sorry. I know it’s a douche thing to do, but currently, the image uploading and posting for WordPress isn’t as quick and efficient as I need it to be. Unfortunately, the entire basis of this blog relies on my ability to quickly draft up posts without taking too much time/effort. As always, if you want me to remove images/content, please just write a polite comment on the post.

More tasteful “Hot Women” Content I’ve been personally debating what kind of content I should publish under the Hot Women section. I have kinda let it run wild recently and think I’m going to curb the content a bit more. I think I’m going to try and post more “appropriate” photos of women.

Remove this image! I’m happy to comply with most post removal requests if you are polite and explain why. Don’t be a jerk.