Apr 112014

People prefer staying away from the laundry room as the laundry room turns out to be most unorganized and the messiest room because we pile up so much stuff in that one room, my laundry room use to look no less than a disaster if yours look similar to the way my laundry room used to look like then I can help you the way I helped myself.

The ways that I’m going to share with you through this article will not only make your laundry room look a little organized but will also help you create more storage area.

  • Basket dresser

Get yourself a basket dresser and it would make your life hassle-free as buying a basket dresser would be a step towards an organized laundry room, you can just roll the dresser from one room to the other and then you can easily pick up the laundry.

  • Dryer and washer pedestals

one must have pedestals in the laundry room if you do not have one you can either buy one and if you do not wish to buy one because you think you will have to spend a fortune for it then you do not even have to spend money for it you can simply make one for yourself, pedestals are the best when it comes to storing, build drawers and if you do not wish to work a lot then you can simply leave the pedestal open.

  •  Slideouts

slide outs are for the kitchen but then you can customize things and then use them in your laundry room as they can give you more place to store products and you can just place the sliders in between your dryer and washer you can slide them out whenever you need some product and slide them in when there is no use of the slider.

  • Shelves- the floating ones

The space on our walls are never utilized to their fullest whereas shelves help us in using the space on our walls, shelves are easy to build

  • Ironing board – the folding one

One should always buy an ironing board which she or he can always fold and keep it back like this you will only require space when you need to iron your clothes, once done you can fold it back this would help you clear the clutter.

  • Laundry bag sorter

Sorting clothes is a time-taking task, to save time you can simply buy a laundry sorter and it comes with rollers which means you won’t have to drag it around the house and your family can put their clothes in the right bag, go to your room and then make labels and then put labels on the bag.

 Organizing the laundry room is not a very difficult task, you just have to think how you can clear the clutter and how you can organize things, you can use your wall and fix shelves on them you can put labels on the products, use baskets.

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