Jan 182014

Time To Travel – Travel Freak

If you are a travel freak you would be aware of the trouble which comes along with traveling and especially when you are from this generation which cannot live without your gadgets. we all secretly wish to travel with just one charger we all hope that all our devices for once could connect to one charger if you too wish like me and if you do not plan to pay a lot of money for this wish of yours then simply read ahead as your wish is going to be true  

  • USB Hub (7-port, Dlink) 
  • Cables A.K.A USB that you require 
  • Ready 2Go by Neatnix (large-sized) 
  • Not mandatory: Cord Organizer  

 Putting all this together is simple and straightforward. The Ready 2Go is made for handling cables, because of the design, all you need to do is put all the USB and other cables plugged into it on one of the sides and the cables reach around to the other. The elastic bands that are there in the ready 2go will keep all the wires in place and you’ll be all set for hassle-free traveling. Of course, we’ll walk you through this process. 



 Step 01: Inserting the USB Hub and Power Adapter 

 Insert the USB hub a little bit above from the middle of one side of the elastic band board. now add the power plug on the side which has less space. you just need to have enough space for the adapter to plug into USB hub. you’ll require a little more space if you are planning to use an Apple cord then congratulations as you will have better management of cables.  

Once you are done with all this, start attaching the USB and the wires. 

 Step 02: Now start Attaching the Cables 

This step is not time taking so you can breathe and smile a little all you need to do is attach the USB to the right place, the only troublesome part here is that the space provided is very little and you  need to manage all the wires in that little space 

it gets a bit tough when all the cables are so near together. You must use the wires which are short, short wires are preferred as they do not make a clutter 

 Step 03: Organize Cables on the Other Side 

 You are required to pull the remaining ends of the wires around the bottom edge of the band and once you’re done with connecting all the wires to the hub. After this, use some elastic bands to secure the wires, the elastic bands would make sure that the USB and the other wires do not move 

Step 04: Extra cables go into the pockets of the case 

 Inside the Ready 2Go, you see that there are small pockets which are specially designed for your extra wires. You must carry at least one of your USB cables which can easily connect to your hub to your computer 

 Step 05: Time to travel 

 Now you are ready for traveling and can go wherever you wish to!It will actually easily fit into most of your bags and suitcases. It is also designed in a way that it has carrying handle.  

Don’t forget to leave us a comment and if you have any suggestions then some suggestions too, we are always open to some suggestions and we hope that this hub will make your travel a little easy