Apr 112013

Indian Vegetable Rice

Indian vegetable rice is a dish which you can eat without any other dish, if you are feeling tired and do not wish to cook or if you do not have much time you can make these rice as this dish is full of nutrients, you can eat it with curd or pickles or without anything just the rice, you can add the vegetables you like, there is no rule that you have to add mushrooms (or any other vegetable) even if you do not like them, this recipe is of a dish which can be customized easily, the reason it is one of my favorite dishes is that it is easy to make, less time taking and it does not even require much of your efforts, while it’s getting ready you can sit back and relax.



Ingredients – 

  • Vegetable or olive oil (Two big spoons)
  • Chopped medium sized onion
  • Cumin (half a tablespoon)
  • Rice (One cup full, preferably basmati rice)
  • Filtered water (About two cups full)
  • Salt (According to your preference)
  • Garammasala 
  • Chopped vegetables (You can go for any of your favorite vegetables for instance carrots, peas, mushrooms) 

Steps :

  1. Take a pan with a heavy bottom  (make sure that the pan is large-sized), and place it over your stove, now turn the stove on and after turning the stove on set the level of flames to medium,
  2. Add some oil and allow it to get hot, once the oil is heated add cumin and chopped onions, cook until they get tender, make sure that you do not burn the onions if they are about to be burned they will turn brown, the onion needs to turn a little pink in colour, once done turn the stove off.
  3. Time to wash the rice, wash them properly and then drain them well, once done with draining turn the stove on and add rice, mix the rice and onions well, after mixing add about two cups full of water, add salt according to your preference, chopped vegetable, and garammasala, now it’s time you cover your pan and once done covering it, increase the level of heat. 
  4. Now you need to wait until the mixture boil, once it starts boiling reduce the level of heat from high to low, make sure that the rice stays covered, now on low flames cook the rice for at least ten minutes, after ten minutes stir the mixture and make sure that the spices that you have added to the mixture are evenly distributed, after stirring cook for about twenty-five minutes ( if the water does not evaporate in twenty-five minutes then cook for another five minutes, make sure that the rice turn tender). 

This recipe is full of nutrition, per serving it provides almost ten grams of protein, Five hundred and fifteen grams of calories, fifteen point four grams of fat, Nine hundred and five mg of sodium, the most amazing part of the nutrient info is that it provides zero mg of cholesterol